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We appreciate your interest in WEDA's "4 Project Management Strategies That Will Impact Your Projects Today" webinar.


When Occrred: 
Friday, April 28, 2023, 

Thomas Combe

Renee Northern
CoWaves Americas

Zoom Facilitator: Kathryn Thomas, ANAMAR Environmental Consulting, Inc.

General Webinar Overview:  
This webinar aims to provide project management strategies you can use today to improve your current and future projects. We will give you the why and how of each topic, with just enough information to get you started.

Topics being covered:

  • The One-Page Project Plan
    • How to quickly outline your project on one page and begin work.
  • Conflict Risk Management
    • Mitigate the distance between reality and expectation to reduce conflict among the team.
  • Your Schedule and The Critical Path
    • The importance of knowing your project's critical path.
  • A Communications Plan
    • How to build one, who should be on it, and the RASCI Matrix for stakeholder management.

Presenter Bios:

Thomas Combe obtained his master’s degree in Offshore & Dredging Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. Thomas did his graduate internship with GLD&D, where he wrote the WEDA award-winning paper "THE INFLUENCE OF ADHESION ON CUTTING PROCESSES IN DREDGING". After his degree, Thomas worked for Critical Minds in the Netherlands, providing project management expertise and efficiency to the international maritime industry. Thomas continued to be involved in and enthusiastic about the US dredging industry, where he saw a growing need for communicative people who understand the industry and can translate complex problems into workable solutions.

In 2021, Thomas founded CoWaves: a business that aims to meet this need by analyzing processes, identifying potential bottlenecks, and offering solutions. Today he manages the Amsterdam office and team while supporting large client projects in the United States.

Renee Northern is the General Manager of CoWaves Americas. She joined the CoWaves team in 2021 with a core focus on successfully launching the US office. She is client-focused and goal-driven, with a passion for project efficiency. Renee brings many years of management and leadership experience; she is a strong personnel manager, an effective coach, and a thoughtful planner. She has led teams as large as 200+ and developed programs that have helped others realize success. She believes leading with kindness while seeking opportunities through relationship building is important. 

Together they support the entire CoWaves team and work toward the continual improvement of their client projects. 

PDH Credit:
A certificate for one (1) professional development hour will be available for all participants who attend this webinar or view the recorded webinar online. 

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you online! 

~ WEDA Education Commission