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As part of WEDA's mission to promote the exchange of knowledge, the WEDA Publications Commission launched WEDApedia as a dynamic, go-to resource for members and anyone interested in the field of dredging.

WEDApedia holds a wealth of information and standard definitions for all aspects of the dredging industry. The foundation of the database began in the 1990s as a "Dredging Desk Reference" and was the result of collaboration with and peer review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Dredging Navigation Branch to consolidate and build on terminology that existed in numerous documents. WEDA acknowledges with sincere thanks to everyone at the USACE who worked on the original document and paved the way for WEDApedia.

The Commission would also like to thank the USACE, Callan Marine, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, J.T. Cleary, and Weeks Marine for permission to use photographs of their dredging vessels and equipment, which enhance this document.

The WEDA Publications Commission encourages readers throughout the dredging community to send comments, updates, and contributions. 

In this way, the ongoing review of information will continue and make WEDApedia a current, living database of industry terms. Please submit any suggestions Info@WesternDredging.org.

a-frame, abradability, abrasion, abrasiveness, acceleration, acceptance, acceptance decision,acceptance sampling, acceptance sampling plan, acceptance section, acceptance survey, accepted values, accretion, accuracy, acoustic (also acoustical), acoustic impedance, acoustic resuspensions measurement system (ARMS), act of God, activity index, actual progress, acute toxicity, adhesion shearing, adjustment in estimated quantity, administrative change, ADR gauge, advance dredging, advance maintenance, advertised depth, aesthetic improvement, after dredging survey, age of diurnal inequality, age of Moon, age of parallax inequality, age of phase inequality, age of tide, agger, aggregate, aggregation, agitation dredge, agitation dredging, agulhas current, aid to navigation, air lift dredge, air-void ratio, Alaska current, Alaskan stream, allowable overdepth, alluvium, alongshore, ambient water, ambrose draghead, amidships, amphidromic point, amphidromic region, amplitude, analog, analog depth recorder, analysis, harmonic, analyzer, harmonic, anchor, anchor barge, anchor boom, anchor line, angle of friction, angle of internal friction, angle of repose, angular grains, angular velocity of the Earth's rotation, angularity of particles, anisotropic, annual inequality, anomalistic, anomaly, Antilles current, anti-null antennae, anywhere fix, aphelion, apogean tide, apogee, apparent secular trend, apparent time, apsides, aquaculture, aquatic dredged material placement, aquatic habitat, arc of contact, architect-engineer, argument, artificial island, as built, ash content, astres fictifs, astronomical day, astronomical tide, astronomical time, attendant plant, attenuator, Atterberg consistency limits, Atterberg limits, Atterberg limits tests, audit, auger head dredge, augmenting factor, authorized dimensions, automated hydrographic survey system, automatic tide gauge, auxiliary ladder, average in quality assurance, average-end area method, avian habitat, axial thrust, azimuth
back liners, back ring, background water, backhoe dredge, backscatter gauge, baffle dike, baffle plate, bag (in dredge equipment), bag (in geotextiles), ball check (in calibration), ball joints, balling, banded pipe, bandwidth, bank, bar, bar (in hydrographic surveying), bar (in dredging), bar check (in calibration), barge, baroclinic, barotropic, basalt, base line, baseline, baseline boat, basic survey (hydrographic), basket cutter, batch (in quality assurance), bathtub (in dredged material placement), bathymetry, bay, beach, beach berm, beach erosion, beach nourishment, beach nourishment surveys, beach profile, beacon, beam, bearing, bearing packing, becket, bed, bed leveller, bed load, bed shear stress, bedding, bedload transport, bedrock, before dredging survey, belay, bell mouth, belly, belly anchor, bench mark (BM), beneficial occupancy, beneficial occupancy date, beneficial uses, berm (as in dredging), bight, bilge, bilge pump, bin (in dredging), bin measurement, bin sounding, bin water volume, bioaccumulation, bioassay, bioavailable, biochemical oxygen demand, bioconcentration, biological monitoring, biomagnification, blanking (in hydrograph survey), blastability, bleeder pipe, block, blow-up, boat grid, boat sheet, bollard, booby house, boom dredge, boomer, booster pump, bore, borrow material, borrow pit, bottom, bottom characteristics, bottom discharge opening, bottom dump doors, bottom roughness, bottom sediments, bottomland hardwoods, boulder, boulder clay, bourdon gauge, bow, bow line, bow thrusters, brake horsepower, breaker, breakwater, breast, breast line, bridge, bubbler, bubbler hydrostatic pressure sensors, bubbler tide gauge, bucket depth, bucket-ladder dredge, bucket or grab dredge, bucket-wheel dredge, bulk density, bulk factor, bulk measure, bulking, bulking factor, buoy, buoyancy
c/a code, California current, California draghead, Callippic cycle, camel, canal, capital dredging, capping, capstan, captain, careening grid, carrier, carrier-aided tracking, causeway, cavitation, center-line hydrographic survey, centibar, change order, change register, changed work, chainage, channel, channel depth, channel examination, channel prism, channel sweep hydrographic survey, characteristic, in quality assurance, chart datum, chart evaluation survey, chart (as in nautical), chip, chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinity (Cl), chock, Christmas tree arrangement, civil day, civil time, claim (in contracting), clam flat, clamshell dredge, clay, clay balling, clay size, clay soil, clean out, clean up, clean water act, clock bias, clogging, closed bucket dredge, closed-nose cutter, coarse-grained soil, coast, coast and geodetic survey, coastal boundary, coastal engineering, coastal zone, coastline, cobble, cobblestone, cocurrent line, coefficient of friction, coefficient of internal friction, coefficient of permeability (permeability), coefficient of uniformity, coefficient of viscosity, cohesion, cohesionless soil, cohesive materials, cohesive soil, colloid, colonial nesting, combination buoy, comminuted material, compactability, compaction, compactness, comparison of simultaneous observations, compass direction, compass error, compensated cutterhead dredge, competition, competitive environments, competitive negotiation, component, compound tide, compressive strength, concentration of dredged mixture, concentration of sediment, condition survey, cone angle, cone penetrometer, confidence interval, confidence level, confidence limits, confined disposal, confined dredged material placement, confined disposal area or site, confined disposal facility (WE), confined placement area or site, confined placement facility, conflict in plans and specifications, consent of surety, consequential cost, consistency, consistency limits, consolidation, constituent, constituent day, constituent hour, constructed dimensions, construction, construction in quality assurance, construction dredging, consumer's risk in quality assurance, contained aquatic placement, containment area, contaminant, contaminated sediment or contaminated dredged material, contour, contract, contract acceptance survey, contract clause, contract completion date, contract depth, contract payment survey, contractor's risk, contract survey, contract modification, contractor caused delay, control chart, control current station, control sediment, control segment, control station, controllable-pitch propeller, controlled hydrographic survey, controlling depth, coordinated universal time, coral, coral draghead, corange line, core, core drilling; diamond drilling, Coriolis force, costs, cost analysis, cost breakdown, cotidal hour, cotidal line, countercurrent, covers and uncovers, crater, cribbing, critical habitat, cross dike, cross section, cross-section hydrographic survey, culch, cultural feature, culture, cupola, current, current constants, current curve, current diagram, current difference, current direction, current ellipse, current hour, current line, current meter, current pole, current station, current table, curve widener, cut, cut sheet, cut stakes, cutter depth, cutter suction dredge, cut water, cuttability, cutter drive motor, cutter motor, cutter shaft, cutterhead, cutterhead dredge, cutting width, cycle slip
damages, danforth anchor, data, data message, datum, datum plane, Davis-Bacon Act, Davidson current, davit, day, day of the year, daylight saving time, daybeacon, daymark, deadhead, debris, debris boat, decibar, deck captain, deck cargo barge, declination, declinational inequality, declinational reduction, deep-draft port, deep water, deepening project, defect, defense contract audit agency, degassing, degree of saturation, delay, delta, demobilization, density, density current, density flow, density (in situ), density meter, density survey, deposit, depth, depth curve, depth finder, depth gauge, depth digitizer, depth indicator, derelict, derrick barge, design change, design ship, deviation (of compass), dewatering, diaphone, differential chart, differential global positioning system (DGPS), differential leveling, differing site conditions, diffuser, digging depth, digging spud, digging swing, digital, digital depth recorder, digital distance measuring unit, digital tide gauge, digitize, digitizer, dike, diked disposal facility, dilution of precision, dipper dredge, direct costs, direct pumpout, direct shear test, direction of current, direction of wind, discharge boom, discharge head, discharge of dredged material, discharge pipe, discharge pressure, discharge turbidity, discharge wye valve, disposal alternative, disposal area or site, dispute, dissolved oxygen (DO), distribution curve, diurnal, diurnal inequality, diurnal range, diurnal tide level, diversion channel, dock, dog ear, dolphin, dolphin beacon, double ebb, double flood, double tide, double pumping, downdrift, draft, draft gauge, drag arm, drag tender, draghead, draghead depth, draghead grating, dragline trenching (as in dredging), dragline dredge, dredge, dredge cut, dredge efficiency, dredge induced turbidity, dredge ladder, dredge master, dredge plant, dredge pump, dredge runner, dredge tender, dredgeability, dredged material, dredged material containment area or site, dredged material discharge, dredged material (contaminated), dredged material island, dredging, dredging contract, dredging cycle, dredging efficiency, dredging frequency, dredging light, dredging mixture, dredging permit, dredging process, dredging time, dredging window, drift (of current), drift current, drill, drill bit, drill boat, drillability, drilling parameter recorder (DPR), drop (inlet) structure, drop (outlet) structure, dry density, dry unit weight, dunes, duration of flood and duration of ebb, duration of rise and duration of fall, during dredging survey, dustpan dredge, dynamic meter, dynamic position (positioning), dynamic topography
earth tide, East Greenland current, ebb, ebb axis, ebb current, ebb interval, ebb strength, ebb tide, eccentricity, eccentricity of orbit, ecliptic, echo sounder, echogram, economic load, eddy, effective diameter, effective hopper capacity, effective pumping time, effective size, effective stress, efficiency loss, effluent, effluent quality, Ekman spiral, elbow pontoon, electric tape gauge, electronic distance measurement (EDM), electronic positioning system (EPS), elimination, elliptical mouth, emergency, end shack, endangered species, engineering change, entrainment (as in dredging), ephemeris, equation of time, equatorial countercurrent, equatorial tidal currents, equatorial tides, equatorial undercurrent, equilibrium argument, equilibrium theory, equilibrium tide, equinoctial, equinoctial tides, equinoxes, equipment, equipment accessibility, equitable adjustment, erodibility, erodible slopes, erosion, error, establishment of the port, estimated quantity, estuarine, estuary, eularian measurement, eustatic sea level rate, evection, event marker, examination hydrosurvey, excusable delay, expedite, expedited procedure, extreme high water, extreme low water
face, face angle, fairway, fall velocity, fast-switching frequency, fathogram, fathom, fathometer, feasibility study survey, federal project, federal standard, feeder berm, fetch, field change, field edit, field examination, field sheet, fill, fill material, fillet, final contract payment, fine-grained sediment, fines, first reduction, fitting losses, fix, flanking, flap valve, flashboards, flats, flexible connection, flexible coupling, float well, floating breakwater, floating line, floating pipeline, floating tire breakwater, floc, flocculation, flood, flood axis, flood current, flood interval, floodplain, flood strength, flood tide, floodway, Florida current, flow, flow meter, fluff, fluid mud, fluvial sediment, food chain, forced wave, foreshore, forestry use, formal advertising, Fourier series, free wave, freeboard, frequency band, frequency spectrum, friability, friable granular soil, Fruehling draghead, fuel barge
gantry, gas ejectors, gas purged pressure gauge, gauge, general and administrative overhead, geodetic coordinates, geodetic datum, geographic range, geographical coordinates, geometric dilution of precision, geopotential, geopotential difference, geopotential (equipotential) surface, geopotential topography, geostrophic flow, geotechnical engineering, geotechnical investigations, geo-textile tubes, gimbal, gong, government approval, government-caused delay, government estimate, government-furnished property (GFP), government-furnished equipment (GFE), grab dredge, gradation, gradient flow, grade, grain-size analysis, grain-size distribution, grain-size distribution curve, granite, grapple, grapple bucket dredge, graticule,gravel, gravel size, gravitational tide, great diurnal range (Gt), great tropic range (Gc),Greenland current, greensand, Greenwich argument, Greenwich epoch, Greenwich interval, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Gregorian calendar, grid, groin, groin field, Guyana current, Guinea current, gulder, Gulf Coast law water datum line, Gulf Stream, Gulf Stream system, gyro compass
h, H-frame, habitat development, habitat management, half tide level, halocline, harbor, hard facing, hardness, hardpan, harmonic analysis, harmonic analyzer, harmonic constants, harmonic constituent, harmonic function, harmonic prediction, harmonic reduction, harmonic tide plane, haul distance, hawser, headland, heave, heavy compensator, heavy metals, high plasticity soil, high tide, high water (HW), high water inequality, high water interval (HWI),high water line, high water mark, higher high water (HHW), higher low water (HLW),horticulture use, hired labor, Hofer valve, hog mires, hoist control, holding power, holiday, home pontoon, homogeneous, hopper capacity, hopper dredge, hopper overflow, hopper pumpout, horizontal dilution of precision (HDOP), horizontal positioning, horizontal pressure gradient force,hose (dredge sleeves), house, hulk, hull, hull well, hydraulic current, hydraulic dredged material placement, hydraulic model, hydraulic pipeline dredge, hydrographer, hydrographic datum, hydrographic surveys, hydrographic survey examination, hydrography
ice buoy, idler barge, impact costs, impedance, impeller, impoundment basin, incremental placement, indefinite delivery type contract, Indian spring low water, Indian tide plane, inequality, in-place density, in-place quantity measurements/surveys, in situ, in-situ density, industrial/commercial use, intermediate principal stress, initial mixing, inlet, inset, inspection in quality assurance, inspection of site (site investigation), inspector, interface, interim (contract) hydrographic survey, intermediate completion dates, intermittent dredging, internal friction, internal tide, international Great Lakes datum, International Hydrographic Organization, international low water datum, intertidal, intertidal zone, interval, investigation survey, ionosphere, ionospheric refraction, Irminger current, isanostere, isobar, isobaric surface, isohaline, isopleth, isotherm
jack-up barge, jet-assisted draghead, jetty, job overhead, joint venture, Jones Act, judgement sampling, Julian calendar, Julian date, Julian day, jumping on a line, junction, jury rig
kappa, keeper, kinematic positioning, knot, knot, knuckle joint, Kuroshio, Kuroshio system
Labrador current, ladder, ladder bucket, ladder inclination, ladder pump, ladder swell compensator, ladder trunnions, ladderhead bearing, lagging of tide, Lagrangian measurement, lambda, laminar flow, land reclamation, landing, landing pontoon, landmark, landslide slide, lantern ring, large navigation buoy (LNB), latent defect, launch, lay of wire rope, leachate, leachate collection system, leaching, leadline, leadsman, leap year, leased dredge construction contract, ledge rock, left-right (helmsman's) track indicator, leg, levee, level bottom capping, level of no motion, lever room, leverman, lifts, light draft, light list, lighted buoy, limber line, limestone, limit of authority, limiting permissible concentration (LPC), line, line item, line of position, line of sight, line spacing, liners (as in dredged material placement), liquefaction, liquid limit, liquidated damages, littoral, littoral current, littoral drift, littoral transport, littoral transport rate, littoral zone, load, load and draught (draft) indicator, load displacement meter, load line, load recorderm, loaded draft, Local Notice to Mariners, local project datum, local sponsor, local time, log line, long period constituent, long-term management strategy (LTMS), longitude, longitudinal hydrosurvey, longshore, longshore transport, longshore transport rate, loop of stationary wave, lost time, lot, low maintenance habitat, low plasticity soil, low tide, low water (LW), low water datum (LMD), low water equinoctial springs, low water inequality, low water interval, law water line, low water reference plane, lower high water (LHW), lower low water (LLW), lower low water datum (LLWD), lower tumbler, lugs, luminous range, lunar cycle, lunar day, lunar interval, lunar month, lunar nodes, lunar tide, lunar time, lunation, lunicurrent interval, lunisolar tides, lunitidal interval
maelstrom, magnetic azimuth, magnetic declination, magnetic direction, magnetic north, magnetic meridian, maintained channel dimensions, maintenance dredging, major principal stress, management action, man-made island, Manning equation, Manning n value, mariculture, marigram, marine boundary, mascaret, marine protection, research, and sanctuaries act, marine sediment, mark, marker, marker buoy, mark twain, marl, mass unit weight, master, matchbox cutterhead, material rehandling basin, mathematical model, mean current hour, mean diurnal tide level, mean high water (MHW), mean higher high water (MHHW), mean higher high water line (MHHWL), mean low water (MLW), mean low water line (MLWL), mean low water springs (MLWS), mean lower low water (MLLW), mean lower low water line (MLLWL), mean range of tide (MR), mean rise, mean rise interval (MRI), mean river level, mean sea level (MSL), mean sea level datum of 1929, mean sea level datum of 1983, mean Sun, mean tide, mean tide level (MTL), mean time, mean water level (MWL), mean water level line (MWLL), measurement and payment survey, mechanical agitator, mechanical draghead, mechanical dredge, mechanical dredged material placement, median diameter, median grain size, meteorological tides, meteorological visibility, meter, Metonic cycle, microwave survey, midextreme tide, mileage number, mine tailings, minor principal stress, misplaced material, mixed (current), mixed placement (in dredged material placement), mixed (tide), mixing zone, mobilization, modification, moisture content (water content), mole, monitor, month, mooring barge, mooring line, mud, mud draghead, multi-channel receiver, multipath error, multiple-head discharge pipe, multiple ranging (multiranging), multiple tide staff, multiple-transducer (sweep) system, multiplexing channel, multipurpose use, multitransducer hydrographic survey, mushroom
N, National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29), National Tidal Datum Convention of 1980, National Tidal Datum Epoch (NTDE), National Tide and Water Level Observation Network, nautical chart, nautical depth, nautical mile, naviface, navigable area survey, navigable depth, navigable depth criterion, navigable depth survey, navigable waters, navigation channel, navigation aid (NAVAID), navigational aid, Navigation Cost Recovery Database (NAVDAT), neap range, neap tide, neap tides or tidal currents, nearshore, nearshore berm, nearshore current system, negotiation, neutral stress, new work dredging, Ni hard (nickel hardened), nodal line, nodal point, node, node cycle, nominal depth, node factor(f), nodical month, nominal diameter, nominal range, nonharmonic constants, non-self-propelled dredge, nontidal current, normal stress, normal tide, normal weatherm, normally consolidated soil deposit, North Atlantic current, North Cape current, North Equatorial current, North Pacific current, Norwegian current, notice to mariners, notice to proceed (NIP), nx core
oakum, obliquity factor, obliquity of the ecliptic, obliquity of the Moon's orbit, observation, observed tides, obstruction, occulting light, ocean, ocean data acquisition system (ODAS), ocean placement (as in dredged material placement), ocean placement site (in dredged material placement), oceanography, off shore tower, off-site inspection, off-station, office barge, offset (coordinate), offset, offshore current, offshore, oiler, on-line survey/plot, on-site calibration, onshore, onshore transport, open-water dredged material placement, open-nose cutter, open-water disposal, operator, orange-peel bucket, ordinary, ordinary high water, organic clay, organic sediment, organic silt, organic soil, orifice, output indicator, over-the-horizon (OTH), overbank survey (sections), overboard disposal, overburden, overdepth, overconsolidated soil deposit, overfalls, overflow arrangement, overhead cost, overrun in quantity, overtide, owner's risk, Oyashio
p-code, painter, panel, parallax, parallax inequality, parallax reduction, parameter, Parshall flume, particle shape, passing signals, passing vessels, passing light, patent anchor, patent defect, pay estimate, pay grade (pay template), pay quantities, payment bond, payment survey, peak shear strength, peat, pelorus, penetration resistance, penetrometer, percent complete, percent fines, percent saturation, perch, performance bond, perigean tides or tidal currents, perigee, perihelion, period, permanent current, permanent transponder point, permeability, phase (in surface wave motion), phase, phase inequality, phase lag, phase reduction, phase velocity, pier, pile, pile beacon, pinger, pipe, pipeline, pipe barge, pipe friction, pipe lugs, pipeline dredge, pipeline swivel joint, pitch, placement alternative, placement area, placement area hydrographic survey, placement monitoring hydrosurvey, placement site or area, plain suction dredge, planimeter, plans, plans and specifications survey, plant, plastic limit, plastic pipe, plastic soil, plastic state (plastic range), plasticity, plasticity index, platform, plugging, plume, pneuma dredge, point density measurements, point load index (PLI), point load test, point load tester, point of discharge, pollutant, toxic, pollution, ponding, pontoon, pool, population in quality assurance, pore pressure, pore-volume, pore water, porosity, port hand mark, port, portable dredge, post-dredge hydrographic survey, potential, tide-producing, pre-bid survey, pre-dredge hydrographic survey, precision, preconstruction survey, predicting machine, predredge survey, preferred channel mark, preferred dredged material placement alternative, pressure gauge, pressure gradient force, horizontal, price adjustment, price analysis, pricing data, primary aid to navigation, prime contractor, primary control tide station, primary tidal bench mark, prime mover, priming of tide, principal stress, prism, probings, process control, producer's risk, production, production meter, profile survey, profit, progress payment, progress payment survey, progress schedule, progressive trenching, progressive wave, project condition survey, project depth, project dimensions, propellers, proposal, proprietary, pseudo-random code, pseudolite, pseudorange, pump casing, pump cavitation, pump cavitation, pump efficiency, pump impeller, pump liners, pump relay, pump thrust, pump vane, pumpability, pumping beyond overflow, pumping to overflow, pump-out hopper dredge, purging systems, put away, put out, pycnocline
quadrature of Moon, quality, quality assurance, quality characteristic, quality control (QC), quality inspiration, quarter boat, quay, quick light
race, racon, radar fix, radar, radar reflector, radiational tides, radio beacon, radio beacon buoy, rake, rake angle, random sample, range, range lights, range of tide, range/azimuth positioning, range (coordinate), range/range positioning, ranges, rare species, reach, real time, reasonable value, rebuilt, reconnaissance survey, record of decision (ROD), record of negotiation, recorders (pressure, vacuum, etc.), rectilinear current, reduction factor (F), reduction gears, reduction of tides or tidal currents, reference datum, reference line, reference sediment, reference site, reference station, reflection, regulatory marks, rehandling, relative consistency, relative density, relative water content, relay pump, relocation site (area), remolded soil, remote station/transmitter, remote sensing, removable tooth cutter, replaced, replaced (temporarily), representative sample, required cross-section, required depth, required section, reset, retaining structure, retention time, return water, reversing current, reversing falls, revetment, revetment surveys, review report, rheology, rheometer, rho (pa), rip, rip current (or tide), rippability, rhythmic light, rifled pipe, ripper, riprap, riprap stone, river bed, river buoy, river estuary, riverine, riverine utility craft (RUC), rock, rock box, rock-breaker with freely falling chisel, rock-breaker with powered chisel, rock cutter suction dredge, rock flour, rock mechanics, rock mass, rock quality designation (RQD), roll, root mean square (RMS) positional error, rope meter, rose box, rotary agitator, rotary current, rotary drilling, rules of the road, runoff, runner, runner ribs, runner shrouds, running block, running material, runoff
sacrificial beach, sacrificial berm, saddle, sailing line, saline wedge, saltmarsh, sample, sample increment, sand, sand bypassing, sand dike, sandbar, sandstone, Sargasso Sea, saros, satellite constellation, saturated unit weight, scheduled progress, scoopability, scour, scow, screws, screen analysis, sea turtle draghead, seagrass bed, seas waves, seawall, second reduction, secondary control tide station, secular trend, sediment, sediment basin, sediment bypassing, sediment characterization, sediment cohesive, sediment composition, sediment contaminated, sediment conveyor, sediment discharge installation, sediment fluvial, sediment transport, sedimentation, sedimentation, seiche, seismic amplitude, seismic sea wave, seismic velocity, self-propelled dredge, self-weight consolidation, semidiurnal, sensitivity, sequence of current, sequence of tide, series pump, service barge, set, set (of current), set up, setting a buoy, setting ahead (stepping), setting anchors, setting spuds, sextant, shaking test, shale, shallow muter (coastal engineering), shallow water constituent, shallow water wave, shape of particles, shear force, shear rate, shear resistance, shear strain, shear strength, shear stress (shearing stress) (tangential stress), sheave, shoal, shop barge, shore, shore connection, shore pipeline, shoreface, shoreline, shoreline map, shoreline stabilization, short term modification, shovel, side-caster or boom dredge, side-casting boom, side-casting, sideline winch, sidereal day, sidereal month, sidereal time, sidereal year, side scan sonar, side slope (channel), sieve analysis, sight the anchor, silent inspector, silt, silt curtain, silt screen, silt size, silt trap, siltstone, single point mooring, site maintenance, skeleton tower, slack: ebb begins (slack before ebb), slack: flood begins (slack before flood), slack water (slack), slaking, sled, sleeves, slide, sliding trunnion, slope cut, slough line, sloughing side slopes, slaw switching channel, slug, slugging, slump, slurry, slush, small diurnal range, small tropic range, smoke chart, smooth sheet, snatch block, snub, socioeconomic benefits, socioeconomic considerations, soil (earth), soil additive, soil amendment, soil classification, soil mechanics, soil profile, soil suspension, solar annual constituent, solar day, solar tide, solar time, sole source, solitary wave, solstices, solstitial tides, soluble salts, sonagram, sonobuoy, sound buoy, sound signal, sound velocity, sounding, sounding pole, sounding wells, sounds handling pump, space segment, special clauses, species of constituent, species specific, specific energy, specific gravity, specific gravity of grains, specific gravity of solids, specific speed, specific volume anomaly or steric anomaly, specific volume, in situ, specification, specifications, specimen, speed (of constituent), speed (of current), spider, spider barge, spill barge, spilling, spire, split, split barge/hull, spoil-in dredging, spoil disposal area or site (as in dredging), sponsons, sport fishery, spread spectrum, spreader, spreader plate, spring high water, spring low water, spring range, spring tides or tidal currents, spud, spud carriage, spud frame, spud hoists, spud installation, spud pin, spud well (keeper), spur dike, squat, stabbing, stable berm, stadia, stage, staging area, stand by, stand of tide, standard deviation, standard penetration test, standard penetration resistance, standard positioning service, standard time, standing (stationary) wave, starboard, start/stop points, State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS), static cone penetrometer test, static positioning, station (stationing), station buoy, station-offset coordinate system, stationary wave theory, steam dredge, steerageway, stem, stencils, stepping, steric anomaly, stern, stern connection, sternline winch, steward, sticky limit, stiff line, stiff leg (derrick), still water level, stilling well, stockless anchor, stockpiling, stone, stone box, stoplogs, stop order, store barge, storm surge, strand, stranded, stranding, stray line, strength of current, strength of ebb, strength of flood, stress, striking off or strike removal, strip mine reclamation, strongbacks, stuffing box, subbottom, subbottom profile survey, subcontractor, subcontractor delay, sublethal/chronic toxicity, submerged, submerged lands, submerged line, submersible pump, submersible electric motor, subordinate current station, subordinate tide station, subplan, subsidence, substrate, subsurface investigations, subsurface elevation, suction frame, suction frame hoist (ladder hoist), suction head, suction pipe, suctionability, summer time, sump, sunken, supplemental agreement, surf zone, surface effect ship (SES), surge, survey, survey alignment, survey barge, suspended load, suspended load transport, suspended sediment, suspended solids, suspension of work (constructive), suspension of work (directed), swamp, swath (in survey boat), sway, sweep, sweep rafts, sweep angle (cutter), sweep survey, swell, swell compensator, swing, swing anchor, swing wires, swivel, synodical month, systematic samples, systematic sampling with a random start (in quality assurance), syzygy
T-sheet, tag line, tailshaft (in self-propelled vessels), tankerman, tape gauge, target, target species, telemetering, telescoping weir, template, temporary breakwater, tender, termination of contract, terrestrial dredged material placement, territorial sea, tertiary tide station, test, test portion, texture, thalweg, thalweg placement, thermocline, thermosteric anomaly, thin-layer placement, threshold shear stress (yield stress), throat liners, thrust bearing, tidal bench mark, tidal bench mark description, tidal bench mark state index map, tidal bore, tidal characteristics, tidal constants, tidal current, tidal current chart diagrams, tidal current constants, tidal current station, tidal current tables, tidal datum, tidal day, tidal difference, tidal epoch, tidal estuary, tidal flat, tidal inlet, tidal prism, tidal range, tidal stream, tidal mime, tide, tide board, tide curve, tide datum, tide gauge, tide predicting machine, tide-producing force, tide-producing potential, tide rip, tide, spring , tide staff , tide station, tide tables, tide wave, tidelands, tides, tideway, tiered approach, time extension, time (kinds), time meridian, toe of slope, tolerance, tolerance level, tombolo, top of slope, topmark, topmark buoy, topographic survey, topsoil, total current, tractive force, total station, total stress, tow, tow boat, toxic pollutant, toxicity, toxicity test, TP-sheet, track, track plotter, traffic separation scheme, trailing suction hopper dredge, transducer, transformation (of coordinates), transit, transponder, triangulated irregular network (TIN), triangulation intersection (vessel positioning), triaxial shear test (triaxial compression test), trilateration positioning, trim, trisponder, tropic currents, tropic inequalities, tropic intervals, tropic ranges, tropic speed, tropic tides, tropical month, tropical year, true north, trunnion, truth in negotiations, tsunami, Tsushima current, tug, turbidity, turbulent flow, turning basin, type of tide
ullage, unconfined compression test, unconfined compressive strength, unconfined placement, unconfined placement site, unconsolidated soil deposit, uncontrolled hydrosurvey, uncontrolled centerline hydrosurvey, under keel clearance, underdrainage, underrun in quantity, underwater obstruction hydrosurvey, unilateral modification, undisturbed sample, unified soil classification system, uniform random sample, unit price construction contract, unit weight, Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system, universe (in quality assurance), update rate, updrift, upland dredged material placement, uplands, upland environment, upper limit of navigability, upper tumbler, upwelling, user segment, user interface
vacuum gauge, value engineering, vane shear test, vanishing tide, variance, variation in estimated quantity, variation of compass, variational inequality, vector control, velocity meter, velocity (of current), velocity of sound, verifier's report, vernal equinox, viscoelasticity, viscometer, viscosity, void ratio, volute, vulgar establishment
waist, walking spud, walkway pipeline, warp, watching properly, water barge, water content, water depth, water hammer, water horsepower, water injection, water injection dredging, water jet booster, water-plasticity ratio, water ratio (hopper dredge), wave celerity, wave crest, wave group, wave period, wave piercer, wavelength, wearing ring, weephole, wheels, white chart, weir (as in dredged material placement), weir jetty, Wentworth classification, wetland construction (creation), West Greenland current, wet unit weight, wetlands, wetland construction (creation), wetland restoration, wharf, whipping, whistle, widener section, winches, wind drift, wind fetch, wind waves, winding gear, windlass, winnow, winter light, winter marker, wire drag, wire sweep, wooded wetland, wreck, wye in pipeline
yardage meter (hopper dredge), yaw, yield stress, yield strength
Zero Meridian, zero tolerance, zincs, zone, Zulu time