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The Western Dredging Association is pleased to announce that we have selected mentors for the next phase of our mentorship program. We want all prospective mentees to submit their applications by February 12, 2024.

This is a private program that is only available to WEDA members. If you are uncertain about your membership status, please get in touch with us at Info@WesternDredging.org

General Information:

This program brings enthusiastic WEDA members together in a unique partnership to prepare mentees for their professional future by guiding them in specific topics. By providing real-world context, personal insights, and ongoing support, mentors will help mentees to achieve their short and long-term personal and career goals in the dredging industry.

The mentorship will consist of at least six monthly, 1-hour meetings with your assigned mentee or mentor and an onboarding and offboarding 1-hour call (total 8 hours). Along the way, WEDA may offer resources to help you learn more about being a mentor, resources to help mentees identify short- and long-term goals, and discussion prompts for conversations. The mentorship program is not a recruiting or job search tool or meant to provide free consulting.

You are a mentee candidate if you are new to the professional world, new to dredging, or branching out into a new professional focus. Joining this program means you agree to participate in the Mentorship Program actively and fully.  As a participant, you are expected to attend all scheduled meetings and maximize your time in your mentorship pairing. It is up to both parties to determine what will work best to get the most out of the program.    

Launch Dates:

  • January 31, 2024: WEDA Members are invited to join as mentees only.  Mentees will receive notice their application has been received upon submission.
  • February 12: Mentee Registration closes.
  • February 13: Matching begins based on the requested topic and available mentor.
  • TBD: Matching day and the 1st emails go out to the group.
  • TBD: Onboarding Mentor Zoom Call.
  • TBD: Onboarding Mentee Zoom Call


  • Collins Bioseh | Bosch Rexroth - Market Segment Manager, Hagglunds drives
  • Eileen Maher | Port of San Diego - Director of Environmental Conservation
  • Corry Platt | Geosyntec - Senior Principal - Sediments & Waterfront
  • Sudhanshu | Moffatt & Nichol - Coastal Associate & Maritime Engineer (student mentees)
  • Bob Wetta | DSC Dredge - President & CEO


For consideration as a mentee, please click here to complete a Google Forms Survey. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us at Info@WesternDredging.org

Best regards, 

Staci Goetz
WEDA Mentorship Program Coordinator

Kathryn Thomas
Chair, WEDA Education Commission

For consideration as a mentor or mentee, please click here to complete a Google Forms Survey. If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us at Info@WesternDredging.org.