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The WEDA Mentorship Program    


This program brings enthusiastic WEDA members together in a unique partnership to prepare mentees for their professional future by having them be guided in specific topics. By providing real-world context, personal insights, and ongoing support, mentors will help mentees to achieve their short and long-term personal and career goals.

Launch Dates:

  • OCTOBER 1: WEDA Members are notified about upcoming programming.
  • OCTOBER 15: WEDA Members invited to join the program as a mentor. Mentors will be reviewed and approved between 8-12 NOVEMBER.
  • NOVEMBER 15: WEDA Mentors approved, listed on the website.
  • NOVEMBER 19: WEDA Members are invited to join as mentees only.  Mentees will receive notice their application has been received within 24 business hours.
  • DECEMBER 16: Mentee Registration closes.
  • DECEMBER 19: Matching begins based on the requested topic and available mentor.
  • DECEMBER 30: Matching day and the 1st emails go out to the group.
  • Early JANUARY: Onboarding Mentor Zoom Call.
  • Early JANUARY: Onboarding Mentee Zoom Call


For consideration as a mentor or mentee, please click here to complete a Google Forms Survey. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at Info@WesternDredging.org