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WEDA Webinar - Innovations in Dredging

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We give a HUGE thanks to Xiuhan Chen and Aiden Horan for all of their efforts in putting these highly beneficial presentations together. The full technical papers supporting these presentations will be available in early summer, added to the Innovations in Dredging web page, and published in WEDA's 2021 proceedings. 


  • Ir. Xiuhan Chen, PostDoc Researcher, Delft University of Technology
  • Aiden Horan, Vice President Of Engineering & Innovation, J. Cashman, Inc.

Zoom Facilitator: Kathryn Thomas, Vice President, ANAMAR Environmental Consulting, Inc.

PDH Credit:
A certificate for one (1) professional development hour will be available for all participants who attended this webinar or have viewed the webinar online. (Must be a WEDA member, Gov't Employee, or paid the webinar registration fee. Click here to pay the $25 webinar fee.)

Friday, February 26, 2021
11:00 AM to noon EST

General Webinar Overview:  
The Innovations in Dredging Webinar will feature two (2) presentations by Aiden Horan and Xiuhan Chen.

A 3D Analytical Model for Linear Rock Cutting Process
This research explains the analytical derivation for upgrading the current rock cutting models from 2D to 3D, from cutting with sharp tools to cutting with wear flat. The analytical derivation is supported by experimental research.

Innovative Scow Boarding System
A typical split hull dump scow has an air draft ranging from around 20ft (to the scow walkway surface) when empty to roughly 4ft when loaded. This large range of vertical movement has made safe man access to the scow troublesome at times. The traditional solution for access to the scows is either using a hinged ladder attached to the deck of a dredge which is swung into position when needed and placed in a storage position away from the scow when not in use or via the pigeon holes on the side of the scow. This hinged ladder system is adequate for a lite scow when the ladder is used within normal ladder parameters, but the more a scow is loaded the shallower the angle becomes for the hinged ladder until it can no longer safely perform the function for which it is intended. The use of the hinged ladder is sometimes not safe depending on the weather conditions or sea state.


Presenter Bios:

Aiden Horan
Aiden has over 11 years of contracting experience working in Ireland, the UK, Canada, Bermuda, and the US on marine construction, infrastructure projects, tunneling, shaft construction, various types of deep foundations, dredging, and project delivery. Aiden is currently Vice President of Engineering and Innovation with Cashman, Inc.

Xiuhan Chen
Xiuhan Chen obtained his bachelor's degree in harbor, waterway and coastal engineering in Hohai University, China. After that, he conducted his master's study, his Ph.D. research, and PostDoc research in Dredging Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Currently he functions as the secretary-general for WODA technical orientation committee and WODA reservoir dredging working group.

This Innovations in Dredging webinar is being offered by WEDA as part of our mission to share knowledge and information about dredging. Because WEDA is a non-profit organization, with its goal not to make money but to share information, WEDA is offering this webinar complementary to current members and government employees and $25 for non-members.

~ WEDA Educational Commission